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Chips & Salsa Episode 9 - Announcing Project Circuit Breaker

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Hey everyone,

We are excited to announce Project Circuit Breaker, which is an expansion of our existing Bug Bounty program. This program invites the cutting-edge research community to apply their unique experience challenging emerging security threats towards identifying potential vulnerabilities.  

Bug Bounty programs help us improve the security of our products through the identification, mitigation, and disclosure of vulnerabilities. With Project Circuit Breaker, we’re taking it to a new level. We aim to meet the researchers where they are and create a community of elite hackers. Here, we’ll be offering targeted training, exclusive events on new and potentially pre-release products, and collaboration with Intel engineers for time boxed events.

Camping with Tigers, the first event under the new program, kicked-off in December 2021. The event provided 20 researchers with Intel® Core™ i7 (formerly Tiger Lake) systems and challenged them to find bugs in firmware, chipsets, and the processor. Ending in May 2022, the event offers bounty multipliers at three milestones for eligible vulnerabilities.

Find more information at and in this Intel Newsroom article. Happy hunting!

About the Chips & Salsa video series:

Chips and Salsa is a regular video series with hosts Jerry Bryant and Christopher “CRob” Robinson.  The videos cover such topics as vulnerability disclosures, security incident response, security assurance practices, security technologies with thought-provoking interviews with subject matter experts from Intel and across the security technology spectrum.

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