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Intel® Endpoint Cloud Services Powers Eclypsium Infrastructure Supply Chain Security

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Intel and Eclypsium announce a partnership agreement for the integration of key vulnerability and supply chain insights to ensure ecosystem customers receive industry-leading vulnerability and supply chain risk visibility information.

Anand Pashupathy
Vice President and General Manager
Intel Security Software and Services

As the Vice President and General Manager of Intel Security Software and Services organization I have had the opportunity to help create two exciting services that were included in some big news today at the Intel Public Sector Summit.  At the Summit Intel and Eclypsium announced the integration of key

Intel’s integrated design and manufacturing, key relationships with global manufacturing and device ecosystems, and ongoing relationships with OEM customers for security assurance, enables Intel to offer unique insights for Intel-based IT assets. These insights are instrumented through Intel® Endpoint Cloud Services (iECS), a platform enabling innovative, cloud-based services that solve specific IT customer problems and integrate into their existing platforms using a common set of components. The integration of supply chain and vulnerability management insights from iECS by Eclypsium will enable IT to consume iECS insights within an enterprise class solution.

Intel® Transparent Supply Chain is a set of tools, policies, and procedures capturing key supply chain data that extend from motherboard production, through system manufacturing and integration, into your data center or IT environment. This enables system visibility and traceability of hardware components and firmware in systems. Intel® Device Health (Intel® IDH) automates the identification of foundational (e.g., bios, microcode, firmware) vulnerabilities and targeted patches across fleets.

Foundational vulnerabilities could have potentially catastrophic consequences and are not found in most security scans.

Eclypsium is an innovative leader in below the OS and supply chain security.  I could not be more excited to be collaborating with them on the integration of the supply chain and vulnerability insights services from Intel.  Intel now has an enterprise class solution to instrument out insights, and Eclypsium’s customers can benefit from the unique vulnerability and supply chain insights that only a company like intel can generate. 

Very exciting!












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