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Security Begins with Intel at RSA Conference 2023

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Security Begins with Intel

Security Built-In. Security to Build-On.  Now more than ever, Security Begins with Intel

For an in-depth look at the impact of our development practices, product assurance efforts, and silicon roadmap, please read our RSA Solution Brief found here.

Intel at RSA ‘23

The RSA Conference is where our industry comes together to highlight capabilities and collaborations that improve security outcomes. At the RSA Conference 2023 (RSA ’23), capabilities and collaborations are at the heart of the improved outcomes Intel is delivering in Endpoint Security, Zero Trust Access, and Confidential Computing. You can learn more about Intel’s panel discussions and talks during the show here.

RSA Conference also offers us the opportunity to highlight the impact of our Ecosystem Collaborations, and our Intel Capital portfolio.

Ecosystem Collaborations: Introducing Accelerated by Intel®

We are excited to announce Security, Accelerated by Intel®. This initiative advances awareness for security partner solutions that take advantage of Intel® technologies, such as processors, built-in accelerators, specialized software libraries, optimization, and security tools to give customer the best possible security outcomes. The following security partners and their solutions have earned the Accelerated by Intel endorsement: BeekeeperAI, CrowdStrike, F5, Fortanix, Fortinet, Noname Security and Zscaler.


Confidential Computing: The confidence to accelerate digital transformation

Confidential Computing, the ability to keep data-in-use secure by isolating it in a hardware-based enclave, is an opportunity for businesses to realize more value from private, sensitive, or regulated data while remaining protected and compliant. Intel offers the most comprehensive Confidential Computing portfolio in the industry: application isolation with Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX), virtual machine isolation with Intel® Trust Domain Extensions (Intel® TDX) and trust attestation services, code-named Project Amber.

This week brought a major development in Confidential Computing with Microsoft Azure’s preview announcement of new instances powered by 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, protected with Intel TDX and available with attestation from Project Amber. 

Recently, Google and Intel collaborated on a new research project to identify potential security vulnerabilities in Intel's new Confidential Computing technology, Intel TDX, during product development. This security review by the Google Project Zero and Google Cloud security teams resulted in a report that details the findings and showcases the importance of collaborative research efforts in identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities in complex environments.

For Confidential AI, both security and performance matter. Intel advances AI capabilities with 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to simultaneously help secure and accelerate AI inference. Fortanix recently benchmarked TensorFlow AI workloads with their Enclave OS, optimized for Intel SGX and Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions (Intel® AMX). These tests show performance and security can go hand in hand, with up to 7.57x increase in performance running Resnet50, and up to 5.26x improvement running Bert-Large. You can learn more in Accelerated AI Inference with Confidential Computing.

Confidential Computing also extends into Confidential AI and applying AI to security applications. At RSA Conference ’23 we are pleased to announce a collaboration with Hidden Layer, a Gartner-recognized AI Application Security company, to deliver a comprehensive hardware and software-based ML security solution for organizations in regulated and compliance-focused industries.

Endpoint Security: Efficiency and efficacy with comprehensive surface area coverage

With unmatched surface area coverage that comes from protecting 1+ billion endpoints, and more than two decades of focus, Intel is a leader in endpoint security. Security features built into our latest generation of Intel vPro® enable the following benefits:

  • Estimated 26% lower risk of a major PC-related security event versus other PCs.1
  • Estimated 17% efficiency gains for security operations centers.1
  • Estimated 70% reduction in the attack surface compared to four-year-old PCs. 2

Security partners delivering improved outcomes through integrations with Intel® Threat Detection Technology include Acronis, Check Point, CrowdStrike, ESET, Microsoft Defender, Xcitium and other leading EDR ISVs.  These outcomes include:

  • In recent testing, detected 93% of top ransomware attacks via HW sensor while competitor systems found none.3
  • Increase overall EDR ransomware protection efficacy by 24% over software alone. 3
  • Recognized as the 2023 Most Innovative New Security Technology by SE Labs.4

Zero Trust: Enhanced protection for identity, device, network, applications, and data

Zero Trust defines a new approach, where enterprise resources are accessed securely regardless of location, network, or technology. Intel is working with industry leaders across market segments to accelerate Zero Trust benefits. At RSA Conference ’23 we are pleased to announce a collaboration among CrowdStrike, Zscaler and Intel to instantiate our Zero Trust Reference Architecture and to deliver future Reference Architectures.  For details on this collaboration, read our announcement here.  In addition, Palo Alto Networks and Intel recently collaborated to accelerate Palo Alto’s Cloud Delivered Security Services, to boost machine learning and inferencing performance as described here

Intel Capital: Investing in Companies that Will Shape the Future of Cybersecurity

Intel Capital has successfully invested and nurtured security companies for over 30 years.  Companies including AVG, Black Duck, Carbon Black, CloudGenix, Elastic, ForeScout, Venafi, ZeroFOX, and many others.

At RSA’23, we are pleased to highlight our portfolio companies including Censys, Eclypsium, Fortanix, Grip Security, JupiterOne, Oxeye, Immuta, Security Scorecard, and Synack.

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Security has never been more challenging, nor more complex. Organizations need someone they can trust to help build security from the ground up. The company you know as the foundation for modern computing is the company you can trust to secure it.  Security begins with Intel.

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3Based on SE Labs – Enterprise Advanced Security (Ransomware) – Intel Threat Detection Technology study published March 2023

4Based on SE Labs Annual Report 2023

About the Author
Ricardo (Rick) J. Echevarria is the vice president and general manager of Security Sales at Intel Corporation. A growth-minded business leader with more than 25 years of success spanning technology, cybersecurity, professional services, and enterprise software, Echevarria has held a variety of leadership positions with Intel Corporation. He has overseen divisions responsible for the corporate segment personal computing P&L, as well as the management, development, and delivery of Intel’s cybersecurity technology roadmap. Rick was instrumental in the growth and development of the worldwide software developer ecosystem for Intel architecture-based products and was responsible for building a worldwide professional services organization inside Intel. Before assuming his current role, Rick led Intel’s Olympics and Paralympics Office where he was responsible for establishing and accelerating Intel technology solutions in the market through exclusive and transformational integrations on one of the largest international platforms in the world, the Olympic Games. Rick has also been leading Intel’s Pandemic Response Technology Initiative. This includes the management of a $50M fund targeted at investments in pandemic response and readiness, on-line learning, and ecosystem/partner innovation. Echevarria has a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University and a master’s degree in computer systems management from Union College. He has also served as chair of the Intel Hispanic Leadership Council and has received the Distinguished Engineer Award from Purdue University’s College of Engineering.