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Building a Healthcare Application using Intel AI Tools and Frameworks: Developer Spotlight

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Innovations and the introduction of modern technologies in healthcare will lead to more expensive procedures and products in the healthcare industry. Affordability and limited availability to the new healthcare technologies are major barriers for underserved communities. This will cause negligence and poor access to proper healthcare treatment.

Jayita Bhattacharyya in her blog proposed a solution to such problems - Hitaya_OneAPI application. Hitaya_OneAPI is developed for diagnosing common diseases using Intel AI Tools, AI Frameworks and Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit (AI Kit). The main idea behind this project is to take care of patients in their checkup stages and to track day-to-day health.

Read and learn more about the project at Hitaya_OneAPI: Healthcare Application for underserved communities.

What’s Next?

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About the Author:

Jayita Bhattacharyya is currently working as an Associate Consultant at Infosys in Bengaluru, India. Her major interests are software engineering and artificial intelligence.

About the Author
Product Marketing Engineer bringing cutting edge AI/ML solutions and tools from Intel to developers.