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Celebrating Women in Engineering at Intel

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As a child Gabriela Hernandez-Lopez, Network Applications Engineer at Intel, found a way to change the color theme of her family’s PC from the default setting to pink.

She didn’t know it at the time, but coupled with her relentless drive to innovate, this natural curiosity about what technology can do would help make Gabriela a perfect fit for her future career as an Intel engineer.

Her story is one of many that reflects the innovative spirit that can shape the future, not just for women in STEM, but for everyone whose lives are enriched by their work. And to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day on June 23, 2024, we asked women engineers at Intel about their careers, the challenges they’ve faced, their aspirations, and what they would say to women and girls considering a career in engineering. Here are their responses.


Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering, and how did you get started in the field?

  • "My inspiration for getting into engineering is my mom. She always inspires and challenges me to be curious and explore the “Why?” behind everything."
    - Ria Cheruvu, AI Software Architect

  • "I enjoy learning and problem solving and have been genuinely curious about how things work. It was my first computer science lesson at school that got me curious about how computers work. This led me to choose a path in Engineering and led to my job at Intel as a platform architect. My choice to pursue Engineering made me the first woman engineer in my family."
    - Shruthika Iyengar, Technical Advisor, Client Segment Business

  • “I still remember holding an Intel processor data sheet during my college years which ignited my curiosity and determination to explore the field further. Joining Intel was a dream come true for me."
    - Shalini Singh, Client Performance Marketing Director

Q: What challenges have you faced as a woman in engineering, and how have you overcome them?

  • “One of the challenges I’ve faced as a woman in engineering is being heard, especially when proposing changes in procedures or suggesting new ideas. But I’ve learned that sometimes we just need to speak up and make them aware of these situations."
    - Hernandez-Lopez

  • “My first challenge after securing a seat in an engineering program was convincing my family. Being the first woman in my family and community to pursue engineering and move to a different city for college was unconventional in the 90's in the small town in India where I grew up. It required significant effort and the support of well-meaning mentors to gain my family's approval."
    - Sreedevi Joshi, Senior Software Architect & Development Engineer

Q: What do you currently work on at Intel? What is a recent project you have worked on at Intel, and why is it so exciting?

  • “I’ve had the privilege to work with colleagues to enhance environmental sustainability in PCs through tech!  Over the past year or so we built out the PC product lifecycle in terms of environmental sustainability, partnering with system manufacturers to reduce emissions in the manufacturing phase, the use phase, and even to advance circularity at end of first life."
    - Michelle Chuaprasert, Senior Director, Client Sustainability Roadmap and Strategy

  • “When developing AI software products and tools, it is very important to me that we follow ethical and responsible AI principles to ensure fairness across diverse groups."
    - Huma Abidi, GM & Senior Director of AI Software Products & Engineering

  • "At Intel, I lead a SW engineering organization that works with US Hyperscalers – AWS, Google and Meta to optimize their services on Intel products.  The goal is to ensure that the biggest cloud customers and their customers adopt our products."
      - Dr. Nita Sharma, Senior Director of Engineering, Data Center and AI

Q: What do you hope to achieve in your career as an engineer, and what legacy do you want to leave behind?

  • “My personal mission is to reduce global warming through technology.  At Intel, we have the opportunity to do this at a global scale.  If we can make significant steps toward that, and encourage the next generation to make more steps, then I’ll feel proud of my contributions."
     - Chuaprasert

  • "As engineers, I think we are collectively motivated by our curiosity and passion for discovery. My hope is to leave a legacy behind that being an engineer and making a difference is what you define it to be, whether you are a leader, researcher, coder, communicator, or all of them!"
    - Cheruvu

Q: How do you think we can encourage more women to pursue careers in STEM fields like engineering?

  • “First thing is to make sure that women are aware of these career opportunities!  It’s critical that girls see women in these careers, and in order for that to happen, we need to make sure that those of us in STEM are showing up visibly."
    - Chuaprasert

  • “We should start at an early age with exposure and emphasis on STEM education. Learning experiences should be hands-on incorporating activities that spark curiosity and a desire for more learning and exploration. Introducing young girls to female role models can be powerfully inspiring and motivating." 
    - Singh

From leading the development of cutting-edge AI solutions to enhancing the sustainability of software businesses depend on, women in engineering are vital in Intel’s effort to enrich the lives of everyone on the planet with world-changing technology. And they’re only getting started.

“My advice to women considering a career in engineering is simple: go for it. Your efforts can make a significant contribution to the world." - Suet Son Koh, Structural Design Engineer


International Women in Engineering Day #INWED24


Love these stories - what an inspirational group of women!!!


All stories inspired me to continue to in my hard way to get the engineering degree here to support my engineering degree from my country.