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Dell Tech World 2024

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Dell’s Tech World 2024 concluded with notable AI-infused core and partner offerings, including Intel’s AI PC and Intel® Gaudi® 3 accelerator benefits.  Keynote presentations highlighted how AI is following data to the device, with benefits for both developers and end-user experiences, along with cost and power savings.  Here are a few of the key insights showing how Dell and Intel® are helping bring AI everywhere.


Dell’s President of Core Businesses Operations, Arthur Lewis, highlighted Intel® Gaudi® 3 on XE9680 in his GPU silicon diversity messaging, and again in his “innovation and latest developments” segment, stating XE9680 on Intel Gaudi accelerators being available in the Intel® Tiber Developer Cloud, to enable early customer testing.  He also reiterated the significance of the Dell and Intel partnership during his keynote, highlighting that “the [Intel®] Gaudi® 3 integration would greatly boost the performance of Dell’s AI and GenAI compute solutions. This integration will address customer infrastructure needs with optimized AI frameworks and scalable Ethernet-based AI fabrics".


Intel® Gaudi® 3 accelerators were also shown at the Intel booth, theatre sessions, and interviews featuring Vasudev Lal, Intel’s Principal AI Research Scientist for Cognitive AI.




AI PC interest and benefits were shared by a variety of Dell Partners.  Deloitte’s Chief Commercial Officer, @Dounia Senawi, highlighted the power of AI PC in their operations. “We really see many use cases and meaningful applications of AI PCs to making huge difference in mainstream corporate computing.” Deloitte’s commitment to optimizing workloads underscores their dedication to efficiency and environmental responsibility.  Sam Burd, Dell's President of the Client Solutions Group, highlighted that Deloitte’s success story is another example of a successful strategic alliance partnership between Dell and Intel. 


In addition, the open-source momentum was in full swing as Dell’s AI Factory announcements highlighted focus on open ecosystems, including the strengthened partnership with Hugging Face and the Intel® Tiber Development Cloud.  Intel® has a long history of collaborating with open-source communities to allow for rich, software agnostic solutions and edge deployments.