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Develop High Performance AI Workloads with Intel at TreeHacks Hackathon

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Grab an amazing opportunity to learn about Intel’s latest hardware and AI software optimizations at Stanford University’s TreeHacks hackathon on February 16-18, 2024.

Intel, in collaboration with TreeHacks, will offer AI compute resources to the hackers in the form of the Intel® Developer Cloud. Our team will be there at the event to shed light on Intel’s ‘AI Everywhere’ initiative, Educator Program, Intel® Liftoff program for AI startups, and Intel® Student Ambassador Program. At the hackathon, you will also learn about Intel® oneAPI programming model for heterogeneous computing, our AI/ML tools and resources including frameworks optimizations. Connect with us and dig into our AI development software portfolio!

What is TreeHacks?

TreeHacks is a 36-hour hackathon at Stanford organized for engineering students. The project tracks available for the participants will include but will not be limited to Education, HealthCare, Sustainability, Blockchain & Security, Entertainment & Interaction.

Build Optimized Solutions on Intel® Developer Cloud

 Intel Developer Cloud is an all-in-one platform for you to design, test, and optimize AI/ML, HPC, and edge-computing applications. It provides you with:

Experiment with Intel Developer Cloud at the hackathon!

Explore Intel’s Initiatives and Career Opportunities

Join the Intel team at the hackathon in our relentless efforts to bring AI Everywhere - be it in data centers, the cloud, or the edge. If you are a part of or have an idea in mind for an AI/ML startup, our team will help you get started with the Intel Liftoff program. The free virtual program helps early-stage startups advance and scale in the industry through benefits such as top-class technical guidance, access to Intel Developer Cloud with free credits, networking, and co-marketing opportunities.

The hackathon will give you an opportunity to explore the Intel Student Ambassador Program, where university students can develop innovative solutions on Intel Developer Cloud, learn and educate others about the oneAPI model, and engage with developer communities. You will also get to know about our Educator Program, which helps software educators incorporate industry-level educational resources into STEM courses taught at universities. Those looking for internships and jobs at Intel can consult our recruiting team at the event for proper guidance.

Educate Yourselves Through Intel’s Workshop

Intel’s technical experts will conduct an insightful workshop at the hackathon, where they will discuss important Generative AI topics such as LLMs and stable diffusion. They will also talk about how to leverage Intel Developer Cloud and our AI software optimizations to address some real-world challenges. At an interactive, hands-on session, you will learn about developing and customizing a chatbot using Intel® Extension for Transformers.

Join us at Stanford!

We encourage you to spend a qualitative weekend with Intel at TreeHacks. Learn about Intel’s educational and AI-focused initiatives and advanced AI development software.

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