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Developers, Hack with Intel at UC Berkeley’s AI Hackathon!

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Join team Intel at UC Berkeley’s AI Hackathon to be held at the university’s campus in collaboration with Berkeley SkyDeck on June 22-23, 2024. The grand event will be an amazing experience for you as 1000+ AI/ML developers will collaborate to bring their innovative project ideas to life. 

Intel, in association with UC Berkeley, is the cloud-compute sponsor of the event. The participants will benefit from free access to the Intel® Tiber™ Developer Cloud platform for building their hackathon project solutions. The attendees will have an opportunity to learn about Intel’s latest accelerated hardware and end-to-end portfolio of AI development software tools. Moreover, our team will also guide you through Intel® Liftoff Program for AI startups, Intel® Student Ambassador Program, our Educator Program, and Intel’s initiative to bring ‘AI Everywhere’. 

Also, grab a chance to try your hands on AI PCs that the team Intel will offer to develop the hackathon projects!

Intel® Liftoff - Berkeley SkyDeck Meetup

is UC Berkeley’s accelerator program, which helps startups elevate their status in the venture capital industry. The program's various industry experts, accredited investors, and advisors help the member startups grow on a large scale.

Intel Liftoff Program has partnered with SkyDeck to uplift AI startups. If you are part of a startup or have a startup idea, attend the meetup of Intel Liftoff and SkyDeck at the hackathon--give your startup idea an appropriate entrepreneurial direction!

Leverage Intel’s Technologies at the Hackathon

Participate in the ‘Best Use of Intel® AI’ project track at the hackathon and get a chance to win exciting prizes! Utilize a wide range of resources offered by Intel Tiber Developer Cloud, such as:

Also, get an amazing opportunity to learn about and utilize the power of an AI PC at the event!

Explore Intel’s AI PC Development kit to learn how the latest advancements in AI enable building highly productive applications; harnessing the potential of CPUs, GPUs and NPUs; transitioning from early-stage AI development on the PC to cloud-based training and edge deployment.

Hands-on Workshop Sessions by Intel

Intel will conduct the following insightful workshops at the AI hackathon:

  • Workshop #1

At the introductory hands-on workshop, our team will guide the attendees through Intel Tiber Developer Cloud, oneAPI, and code samples. You will also learn about AI PCs and how to unlock the potential of AI PCs for hackathon projects.

  • Workshop #2

Learn how to build a custom chatbot on 4th Gen Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors using Intel® Extension for Transformers. You will walk away with expertise and sample scripts to run LLM model inference on the Xeon processors. Attend the session to learn how to do fine-tuning, retrieval augmented generation (RAG), auto-mixed precision, weight-only quantization, and inference on most Hugging Face* models.

  • Workshop #3

In this workshop, you will learn how to quickly fine-tune a LLaMA-7B model on Intel® Gaudi®2 processor. Learn to use the Hugging Face tooling through the Optimum Habana library and accelerate training and inference across multiple Gaudi2 cards using tools like Intel® Extension for DeepSpeed.

Attend Intel’s interactive workshops at the hackathon to sharpen your AI/GenAI skills.

See You at UC Berkeley!

We encourage you to join us at UC Berkeley's AI hackathon and spend a productive weekend, learning about and taking advantage of the Intel® AI technologies.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the latest updates!

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