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Enabling AI Everywhere by Accelerating the Open AI Software Ecosystem

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Authors: Wei Li, Noel Sandberg, Chandan Damannagari, Scott Lenker

With the vision of enabling AI Everywhere through an open, integrated AI software ecosystem, Wei Li is leading the creation of Intel’s Data+AI platform and its close collaborations with partners across the industry.   

In his Keynote Address, Wei shares Intel’s vision to deliver an open, unified, and secure AI software portfolio that delivers the performant, productive, and flexible tools needed to build and deploy AI across every domain. Intel is at the forefront of this journey – from new capabilities in hardware, software tools, framework optimizations and models, to building solutions that span industry-specific use cases 

Watch the keynote address below to hear how Intel is working to make AI Everywhere a reality.  

While in London, Wei also sat down with AI Business Editor Deborah Yao to go further in-depth on enabling the AI ecosystem. They discussed Intel’s collaboration with Hugging Face to bring the latest innovations of Intel Xeon hardware and Intel AI software to the Transformers community, through open-source integration and integrated developer experiences. 

The annual AI Summit is the flagship event of London Tech Week and the world’s foremost event to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise organizations – the actual solutions that are transforming business productivity. The event brings together delegates from the world’s leading organizations to engage in meaningful conversations on how to prepare for an AI-powered future. 

About our expert 

Wei Li, Ph.D. is the Vice President and General Manager of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics (AIA) at Intel. After starting his career as a computer scientist for supercomputers, he received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University and taught Advanced Compiling Techniques at Stanford University. With a passion for technology, strategy, and execution, he and his world-wide team of engineering “magicians” have been instrumental in Intel's multi-billion-dollar AI revenue growth. You can find him on LinkedIn.