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How Intel® Liftoff AI Startups Are Impacting Europe's Manufacturing Sector

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Global shipping, chip manufacture and international security have undergone seismic shifts since 2020, highlighting the urgent need to increase European chip and hardware manufacturing independence. 

Silicone Junction is the result of Intel's investment of over EUR 30 billion into two cutting-edge wafer manufacturing plants in Magdeburg, Germany. The project was announced at Davos 2024, with construction set to begin by the end of the same year.

In alignment with Intel's dedication to advancing chip manufacturing in Europe, we are showcasing Intel Liftoff startups that will be key players in demonstrating and growing these cutting edge manufacturing facilities. 



Chooch is a computer vision platform that automates visual review tasks. The startup aims to revolutionize computer vision by providing precision, efficiency, and real-time monitoring capabilities, catering to multiple manufacturing industries and use cases and eliminating human error. 

The Chooch system can detect, understand, and instantly act upon images or patterns in video data from multiple key processes, from assembly lines to warehousing. The platform continuously learns and improves its image recognition capabilities, offering ready-made AI vision solutions for a diverse range of applications and operating on any device. 

Chooch offers consultative design, data collection, model development, and integration support to help manufacturers implement AI vision solutions effectively. It’s a transformative platform for improving operational excellence and creating new revenue opportunities.


Dive Solutions

Dive Solutions offers computational fluid dynamics simulation software that runs directly in a web browser. The software promises to simplify and accelerate engineering decision-making by offering a user-friendly interface and fast, accurate simulations. The system offers features such as mesh-free simulation technology, access to simulation projects from anywhere, and a premium customer experience with expert support and a comprehensive knowledge base. 

Users can upload geometry files, set up cases easily, and automate preprocessing. The software also utilizes high-performance computing in the cloud to run simulations quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it includes a built-in post-processor for analyzing simulation results, providing valuable insights for design decisions.

Dive Solutions’ involvement with Intel Liftoff speaks to their dedication to delivering top-tier performance. 

As a cloud-native provider for CFD simulations, performance is crucial for us. With the bare-metal access provided by the new Intel Developer Cloud we can easily gain further insights on how our solution behaves on cutting-edge hardware. This enables us to constantly improve the efficiency of our code leading to fast and cost-efficient simulations for our customers” says Johannes Gutekunst, CTO at Dive Solutions.


Donaa Tech

Donaa Tech is an impressive new company focused on detecting defects in real-time during 3D printing using AI-powered computer vision. By spotting defects early, DONAA saves time, prevents waste, and enhances safety, particularly in critical industries like aerospace. 

By filming the print process and analyzing footage with AI algorithms Donaa’s system is able to identify critical defects, including those not visible to the naked eye. DONAA's solution is applicable to various 3D printing techniques and is already being piloted in aerospace and nuclear power industries. This technically exacting testbed is a testament to their already impressive advancements in the field.

Donaa also has inspiring pilot projects aimed at developments in prosthetics and automotive 3D printing, effectively reducing waste and costs while improving performance and allowing rapid advancement.

Through partnerships with industry and academia, DONAA continues to refine its technology in pursuit of critical advancements in 3D printing reliability and efficiency.



IANUS Simulations

IANUS Simulations offers advanced simulation and engineering solutions for computational fluid dynamics and related fields. Their system provides a comprehensive simulation and optimization framework, integrating simulation, engineering, and AI technologies.

Key features include cloud-based accessibility, AI-based prediction, digital twin technology, AI-assisted design drafts, fully automated processes, and construction assistants. IANUS is a startup that already serves a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, chemical, microtech, battery, healthcare, and the building industry.

In manufacturing, IANUS provides networking, simulating, and optimizing processes to reduce resource consumption and increase technical efficiency. Tailored subscription plans offer features such as simulations, cloud-based access, automated preprocessing, and dedicated customer service.

IANUS prioritizes client engagement with customized, detailed support. Ultimately, IANUS aims to streamline processes and drive cost savings across diverse industries using AI and simulation technologies.



inGrails is a deeptech startup company that specializes in mobile app development, web development, UI/UX design, and branding. They create premium, native, mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring they are user-centric, efficient, and secure with a focus on building beautiful, responsive, and simplified websites to enhance online presence and business growth.

Notable products include Véda and Véda Guru, an integrated system of educational media access apps for students, parents, and teachers to access information and learning resources conveniently from their mobile devices. Véda ensures security and simplicity, catering to users of all technical abilities. 

Another product, Eatery, offers mobile applications for restaurants and resorts, enabling features like table reservations, food ordering, loyalty programs, and event alerts. 

inGrails solutions prioritize clear vision and smart design, backed by optimal technology, delivering innovative, well-engineered solutions while constantly evolving and incorporating the latest advancements into each system.

For UI/UX design, they prioritize understanding the target audience and crafting clean, simple, and beautiful designs tailored to user needs. Most importantly inGrails creates memorable and emotionally engaging brand identities that effectively communicate their clients’ offering and values.



These emerging companies and projects will undoubtedly have an impact on tech manufacturing and hardware accessibility throughout Europe for many years to come. Intel Liftoff is very proud to support and nurture these startups, in alignment with Intel's growth strategy and the EU's objective of enhancing semiconductor supply chain resilience. 

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