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Intel® Liftoff and Code Together Podcast: What's Next for AI in 2024

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We're excited to share the latest episode of the podcast series, Code Together. These two parts of the episode feature a conversation with Intel® Liftoff’s Engineering Lead, Rahul Unnikrishnan Nair, and Ryan Metz, Intel's Product Manager for AI. Hosted by Tony Mongkolsmai, Software Architect and Evangelist at Intel, the episode dive into the AI trends that are making waves among startups in the Intel Liftoff for Startups program.

From exploring multi-modal AI models to dissecting the commoditization of LLM APIs, our team shared in Part 1 their expertise on the developments to watch in 2024. It also reflects the substantial progress made in the deep-tech and AI sectors over the past year.

Rounding out the conversation, there's a focus on how Intel® Liftoff is scaling startups within the broader Intel AI ecosystem, and its role in supporting innovation and growth in these fields.

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In Part 2 of the 2024 AI Trends to Watch podcast, Rahul and Ryan join Tony to talk about how Generative AI is affecting society, and strategies to ensure secure and productive AI solutions.  They also talk about the current state of AI code generation tools and whether such solutions are ready to replace developers.

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About the Code Together podcast

From the perspective of developers,
Code Together, hosted by Tony Mongkolsmai, explores the rapidly changing software landscape. The podcast interviews industry leaders, developers, entrepreneurs, and technologists developing solutions for the modern, accelerated computing world.


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