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Draw Creative Inspiration from Intel® Create Ambassadors

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Artists, filmmakers, builders—creators have very different relationships with the digital tools they use in their craft. They’re not working on spreadsheets and databases; they’re forming ideas into reality and using applications that devour computing power.

Intel® Create Ambassadors are creative pros at the top of their field who help Intel engineers understand creative tools and workflows so that we can build solutions that will serve creative communities better. For a peek over their shoulders, visit

In this post, we’re going to introduce you to three Intel Create Ambassadors who push themselves—and Intel® technologies—to the limit on every project.


Fabio Sciedlarczyk – Visual FX Artist

Fabio Sciedlarczyk, visual FX artist and Intel(r) Create AmbassadorFabio Sciedlarczyk, visual FX artist and Intel(r) Create Ambassador

Fabio is a visual effects artist currently working as a lighter and look developer with Netflix Animation Studios. As an Intel® Ambassador, Fabio has helped Intel® engineers understand the creative workflows of 3D artists and identify key points where software optimizations can make the biggest improvements in application responsiveness.

Volumetric animation—motion like clouds, flames, water, and hair—is particularly computing-intensive, resulting in slow live previews, application pauses, and hangs. As an artist moves through lighting, texturing, and animation, all those tiny pauses add up to a lot of waiting for the system to catch up with their imagination.

Fabio created Summon to test one of our solutions for volumetric animation—the Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library (Intel® Open VKL). Summon is a short animation that follows a mother wizard and her son as they conjure shapes from the clouds. Summon combines motion-capture animation with volumetric fire, smoke, and clouds.

Fabio walked through his process for creating Summon—from first concepts through final render—at the 2022 View Conference. Watch Fabio’s full presentationSummon Breakdown - Renderman for 3D Generalists to see his workflow and get a technical tour of Intel OpenVKL.

Check out Fabio at work on Summon, on the Intel Create Ambassadors page.


Larry Chen – Automotive Photographer, Videographer, and Journalist

Larry Chen, automotive photographer and Intel(r) Create AmbassadorLarry Chen, automotive photographer and Intel(r) Create Ambassador

Larry Chen – Automotive Photographer, Videographer, and Journalist

Larry Chen lives car culture in all its forms—from the street and Formula Drift to the Baja 1000. If it has wheels, Larry wants to capture it, which is awesome until you get to post-production.

For example, during the 2022 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Larry’s team of seven shooters captured 92,000 images and videos—all of which had to be processed and delivered to clients as quickly as possible. To process that volume of photos, the team begins in the field by rating RAW images in-camera between shots. Once the images are transferred to laptops and uploaded to Adobe Lightroom, those in-camera ratings serve as the initial metadata for rapidly sorting selects.

If you want to see how Larry uses Adobe applications to get from thousands of initial selects to developed, retouched images that are ready for publication, check out the video on Larry’s page at


Mike Thompson – Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, and Corel Painter

Mike Thompson, 3D artist and Intel(r) Create AmbassadorMike Thompson, 3D artist and Intel(r) Create Ambassador

From pencil, paper, and clay to purely digital workflows, Mike Thompson brings a tactile, sculptural element to his art—art that you’ve probably experienced through Mike’s work for Marvel Studios, Dimension Films, Cartoon Network, Nike, and more. A self-described hip-hop, gamer, and sci-fi creator, Mike has designed superhero collectibles and drawn Clio-Award-winning illustrations for the films Hidden Figures and Deadpool II.

He and fellow 3D artist Bradley Collor spend Friday evenings on their YouTube channel—the Stylus League—where they share their skills in Corel Painter and ZBrush. Their two-hour, weekly work sessions take viewers from 2D concepts to fully rendered 3D figures.

For a look at Mike’s work and the tools he uses to create, check out his ZBrush Spotlight page and a short he shot with Intel called Creating Art with Mike Thompson.


There’s more to explore

Fabio, Larry, and Mike are just three Intel Create Ambassadors. There are many more, all experienced pros working in unique disciplines from landscape photographers and music composers to architects and filmmakers. You can check them all out at


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David is an Intel alum and recently re-joined the company as the Marketing Manager for the Intel Create program. Prior to his current position, David managed Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) digital marketing and social media outreach. He has roots grounded in the Digital Content Creation (DCC) segment where he synthesized technology trends and insights across end-users and defined product strategies that helped establish Intel leadership in Mobile Client Platforms. At home, David is happily married, is passionate about creativity media and as a struggling guitarist loves all music. In his spare time, he volunteers at Medical Teams International and has three grandkids under the age of six-years that keep him busy.