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Sustainability and System Design Innovation with Intel NUC

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Since its inception, the Intel NUC group has been pushing system design innovation. In line with Intel’s recent commitment to reduce the greenhouse footprint of its products and platforms, the Intel NUC line of products are enhancing sustainability at key parts of the product lifecycle – including chassis design, packaging, and end-of-life recycling.

Supporting both Intel and its customers’ environmental commitments, the NUC Group has delivered on several sustainability objectives in 2021 including:

  • Repairing, reusing, or recycling more than 70K units returned by customers through the NUC return material authorization (RMA) program.[1]
  • Keeping >99.5% of all returned NUC material (by weight) out of landfills[2]
  • Ensuring >95% of packaging for all NUC products (by weight) was designed to be recyclable or reusable in secondary markets.[3]
  • Began shipping to customers the first generation of NUC products to use post-consumer recycled polymers in the manufacturing of many of the NUC Mini PC chassis.[4]
  • Achieving >25% electricity savings in manufacturing process by transitioning to low temp solder (LTS) for all NUC Mini PCs.[5]

The NUC group’s achievements in sustainability are a result of the system design philosophies underpinning each generation of products.  Intel NUC products are designed for upgradeability and repairability—the Element line is specifically designed to increase reusability of key components. Intel NUC products are also designed to be small and energy efficient. This can help decrease shipping, warehousing and cooling costs compared to larger, less energy-efficient PC solutions.

As we make our way through 2022 & beyond, the Intel NUC Group is exploring several areas pertaining to sustainability, including:

  • Increasing the serviceability of our parts to expand repairability support & offering extended warranties on future products.
  • Continuing to expand usage of post-consumer recycled polymers in Intel NUC Mini PC chasses.
  • Adding a unique QR code to new products that provide details on Intel sustainability plans & metrics.


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About the Author
Joe Bursey is the Sustainability Director of the NUC Group at Intel Corporation. He leads the Group’s sustainability efforts in areas such as extending the NUC circular economy and sustainable product materials & packaging. Joe has 26 years’ experience across Intel in a variety of roles in engineering, operations, & supply chain.
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Thanks, Joe for your leadership and accomplishments from the NUC group!  Very glad to see the accomplishments and especially your future plans regarding serviceability and circularity!