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Take the Busy Work Out of Creativity with Razer Blade Laptops and AI-Assisted Video Editing by VEGAS

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We’re living in a time where everyone who wants to be a creator can be with creative tools that are more accessible than ever before. Take for instance the new Razer platform with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. The recent Intel Create campaign with VEGAS and Razer shows how acclaimed filmmaker Sean Hardaway and composer Olivier Glissant used 12th Gen laptops to create a professional video for the Brooklyn Orchestra. 12th Gen laptops enabled both creators to bring their vision to life faster with AI-assisted capabilities integrated into VEGAS Pro and portable performance that rivals huge desktop machines. Artists, creators, and performers can take their whole toolset with them and create whenever and wherever inspiration strikes—and you can too. Sign up for the Razer Blade Creative Cuts contest for a chance to win your own Razer Blade 15 laptop with a 12th Gen Intel Core processor, plus a one-year subscription to VEGAS Post 365 (details at the end of the blog post).

Feel closer to your creation

High-performance technology is an essential ingredient to creative expression. Long wait times for rendering, colorization, or applying filters can interrupt the creative flow. This is why VEGAS Creative Software, maker of VEGAS Pro, announced they were embracing the 12th Gen Intel Core platform earlier this year because the platform enables creators to accomplish more with smoother workflows. Innovative technologies in the platform help deliver better performance for multitasking, smarter use of integrated GPUs on systems with discrete GPUs, and optimized AI.

How the 12th Gen platform brings you closer to your creation:

  • Performance hybrid architecture, introduced with the 12th Gen platform, is an evolutionary leap that combines high-powered Performance-cores that handle primary workloads with Efficient-cores that handle background tasks. Intel® Thread Director, supported in Windows 11, intelligently directs the OS on which cores to use to execute workloads for the best overall system performance.
  • Intel® Deep Link technology combines the power of integrated GPUs and discrete GPUs on the same system to deliver faster rendering for content creation and better frame rates for 3D animation. Systems that support Intel Deep Link Technology also benefit from intelligent resource utilization across CPUs and GPUs to help extend battery life. The VEGAS development team is now finalizing their work to integrate this new capability for their AI and machine learning (AI/ML) workloads into their next software release.

How AI is assisting creativity

Not all creative tasks can or should be done manually. From early object recognition technology AI has come a long way and is now able to automate tedious processes like colorization in video editing, saving time so creators can focus on bringing their visions to life. VEGAS Pro takes advantage of Intel® Deep Learning Boost and the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to optimize AI performance for key capabilities like AI-based upscale, style transfer, and colorization, allowing for dramatic transformations of media in just a few clicks and with shorter wait times. Creators can explore new style choices faster, opening the door for more possibilities to create unique, eye-catching content for films, streaming platforms, and social media.

Get access to VEGAS Post 365 with a Razer Blade 15 purchase

For a limited time, with the purchase of any 12th Gen Intel Core processor-enabled Razer Blade, you can redeem a six-month subscription to VEGAS Post 365—the ultimate postproduction software toolkit. The subscription includes VEGAS Pro 19 for video editing, VEGAS Effects, VEGAS Image for RAW image compositing, VEGAS Stream for livestreaming, VEGAS Content (access to royalty-free HD and 4K video and audio clip downloads), and SOUND FORGE Audio Studio. Read about the contest details here, courtesy of Razer.

Be ready when inspiration strikes anytime, anyplace

For a long time, sleek and portable laptop options for heavy-duty workloads have been challenged by the need to support discrete GPUs, manage system weight, and deal with excess heat generation. The Razer platform, enabled by 12th Gen Intel Core processors, is built for creativity on the go, delivering performance on par with your office workstation.

With a Razer laptop, artists can work on compute-intensive projects like 3D rendering, video, and SFX editing while away from their home or office. These devices provide a full suite of creative tools combined with responsive system performance, long battery life, and deceptively slim and lightweight form factors. Razer also integrates innovative cooling options such as heat pipes or vapor cooling, which offer better heat dispersion with zero noise generation, compared to traditional fan-based components.

Razer Blade Creative Cuts: Enter for a chance to win a Razer Blade 15 with a one-year free subscription to VEGAS Post 365

Enter for a chance to win your own Razer Blade 15 and take advantage of all the 12th Gen Intel Core processor-enabled Razer platform has to offer. In the Razer Blade Creative Cuts contest, we want to see where in the world you turn your creative spark into lightning. Razer Blade 15 showcases several innovations that combine power and performance into a slim, lightweight package for everywhere productivity.


Follow the link here for contest details, courtesy of Razer.

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