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Intel Xeon Powers Data-Intensive Storage and IO-Heavy Workloads

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Powered by 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, the new Amazon EC2 instance type is ideal for data-intensive storage and IO-heavy workloads.

ScyllaDB, a high-performance NoSQL database, recently shared impressive benchmark results on the new Intel-based AWS EC2 I4i instances. Their tests observed up to 2.7x higher throughput per vCPU on the new I4i series than I3 for reads. With an even mix of reads and writes, ScyllaDB observed 2.2x higher throughput per vCPU on the new I4i series, with a 40% reduction in average latency than I3 instances. 

Visit ScyllaDB's blog to read more about their results with the Intel-powered AWS EC2 I4i. 

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