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Accelerating 5G Innovation through Ecosystem Collaboration

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As a Founding Member of the 5G Open Innovation Lab, Intel Partners with an Ecosystem of Innovators to Accelerate 5G in Ways No Single Company Could

At Intel, our purpose is to create world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth. To do this, we are bringing the power of our technology to the communications industry and extending cloud economics to the network and edge. Cloudifying the network from the core out to the edge will help create the 5G communications infrastructure needed for our data-driven future.

Like any revolutionary technology, the real value of 5G will emerge from an ecosystem of cross-industry innovators who exponentially build on each other’s capabilities–-and Intel is in a unique place to accelerate this kind of collaboration. From our position at the heart of computing in the cloud, network, and edge, we’re pushing 5G past the hype and into proven use cases. We’re committed to helping the broader business community realize the full potential of 5G as the next and best generation of wireless networks, whether that’s intelligent transportation that counts on ultra-reliable connectivity, real-time data analysis with artificial intelligence, industrial manufacturing or ideas we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

To this end, Intel has signed on as a founding member of the new 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab) in Seattle. Side by side with other key industry players, including, NASA and T-Mobile, Intel will work with startups to fuel the development of new 5G capabilities, use cases and market categories that will transform the way we work, live and play–-now and in the future.

Startups will benefit from resources and capital and have access to knowledge and ecosystem resources from these technology market leaders. Together, we are creating a novel test bed for the first wave of 5G commercialization.

The 5G Open Innovation Lab will give Bellevue’s vibrant tech community access to 5G networks, devices and software to show the world the economic potential of 5G. In light of COVID-19, the first cohort of 17 companies will participate in a 12-week virtual program. The program will provide start-up participants with virtual access to mentors and tools to collaborate directly with technology and business leaders–-and bring their vision for new 5G applications to life. This rapid, accessible development of technologies falls directly in line with Intel’s strategic vision for bringing 5G to the market.

The 5G OI Lab will push boundaries well outside of traditional telecommunications. Our partners at NASA, for example, will gather requirements for nano-satellite networking, weather data analysis and the future extension of internet services to users in space.

Sponsored by the city of Bellevue, the 5G Open Innovation Lab is also a founding member of Washington’s newest Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ), a statewide initiative, administered by the Washington State Department of Commerce, to stimulate regional economic growth by strengthening industry clusters and intellectual capital, and to accelerate the development of new technologies, marketable products, company formation, and job creation. This unique public-private partnership includes Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, Snohomish County, Washington State University (WSU), and the University of Washington.

The rich industry collaboration within the 5G OI Lab can lead to viable, tested applications that realize the full potential of wireless connectivity with sub-millisecond latency, 1,000-times capacity and up to 100-times faster speeds than what we experience now.

Just as we powered the cloud revolution with processor technology, Intel will help nurture startups developing 5G and edge applications that focus on digital transformation for industries. There is an explosion of opportunities, but to make them a reality requires the kind of collaboration this lab offers, enabling established companies like Intel and startups alike to build, accelerate and bring innovative 5G solutions to market.

Learn more about the vision for the 5G Open Innovation Lab at www.5GOILab.com.

Caroline Chan is Vice President of the Network Business Incubation Division at Intel Corporation.
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Caroline Chan is General Manager of 5G Infrastructure Division within Intel's Network Platform Group. Caroline has overall responsibility for Intel's global network infrastructure strategy and solution development related to 5th-generation wireless technology. Chan and her team identify and develop use cases that incorporate the Internet of Things, innovation in wireless technologies and deployment models.