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Efficient Cross-Architecture Parallel Programming with Intel® oneTBB: Developer Spotlight

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Intel® oneAPI Threading Building Blocks (oneTBB) library is a flexible and performant library for scalable parallel programming. It eases the task of adding parallelism to your C++/DPC++ application across diverse accelerated hardware. The best part is, you are not required to be a threading expert for leveraging the parallel programming capabilities of the library. Through the thread-safe concurrent containers, oneTBB supports functional and data parallelism. It is compatible with the standard C++ threading packages with an efficient coordination between CPUs and accelerators such as GPUs.

Arun GK, in his article, talks about some of the major features and advantages of oneTBB along with realistic implications of its parallel programming capabilities.

Article Highlights

The article gives an overview of oneTBB with its following aspects discussed:

  • Transformation of the conventional parallel programming paradigm.
  • Data-centric parallelism approach that adds scalability to your application.
  • Compatibility and integration with other Intel® oneAPI tools.
  • Benefits and practical impacts of oneTBB in the field of parallel programming.

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What’s Next?

oneTBB offers a wide range of features such as graph parallelism, task scheduling and memory allocation. Get started with oneTBB today and delve deeper into the library for scalable parallel programming. Here are some links for detailed information of oneTBB:

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You can install oneTBB as a part of the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit or download its stand-alone version for free!

We also encourage you to know about other components of the Intel® oneAPI ecosystem. Explore AI, HPC, and Rendering tools in the Intel’s oneAPI-powered software portfolio.

About the author

Arun GK is currently an Intel student ambassador with a Master of Computer Application (MCA) degree attained from the Christ University in Bangalore, India. Check out his #100oneapidays article series on LinkedIn.





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