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Intel® Fortran Available on Microsoft* Visual Studio Marketplace

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Intel® Fortran Available on Microsoft* Visual Studio Marketplace


Coinciding with the launch of versions 2023.1.0 and 2021.9.0 of the Intel® Fortran compilers that are included in the Intel oneAPI version 2023.1 release, there is a new way to get our Fortran compilers!  Our Fortran compilers are available as an extension on the Microsoft* Visual Studio* Marketplace (VS Marketplace).   This will allow you to conveniently add Intel Fortran to your Visual Studio environment directly from the VS Marketplace.  


If you are familiar with VS Marketplace, go there and search for "Intel Fortran" or simply "Fortran" to find our extension.

If you are not familiar with this, you can read about VS Marketplace and Extending the Visual Studio Marketplace here.  Microsoft also has an article "Increase the power of Visual Studio Code through Extensions" which describes how to install extensions directly from the Visual Studio IDE.


The Intel® Fortran compilers provided in the VS Marketplace are the same as those provided in the combined Intel® Fortran Compiler (ifx) and Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic (ifort) package that we provide in our other repositories, the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit and Components Downloads, and the Intel® Registration Center.  As in the past, this installs both ifort and ifx.  Just like the other installation methods, the VS integration sets ifort as default but allows you to easily switch to use ifx.  And just like our other distributions, the compiler is free to download, install and use. Of course, if you need support and access to previous version downloads you can purchase Intel® Priority Support.


And just so you know, we are keeping Microsoft* Visual Studio Code in mind.  It's on our radar for the future. 


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Ron Green is the customer advocate for the Intel Fortran development team and the larger Intel Compilers team and is moderator of the Intel Fortran Community Forum.  He has extensive experience as a Fortran developer and consultant in HPC for the past 30+ years and has been with Intel’s compiler team for 15+ years.  His technical interest area is in parallel application development with a focus on Fortran programming.  

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