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XtalPi*’s Drug R&D Enhanced by Intel® oneAPI Tools

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XtalPi*, an AI and robotics powered company, has its own C++ application called Ilum designed for crystal structure comparisons. It assists their crystal structure prediction (CSP) process that forms the basis of drug R&D and enhances research efficiency.

 XtalPi achieved significant performance improvement in collaboration with Intel, accelerating the online version of the Ilum application by 2.32x using Intel® oneAPI tools[1] as mentioned in a recent success story. The enhancement expedites execution and provides several other benefits to their drug R&D customers. Also, a better utilization of underlying hardware’s potential with optimized Ilum algorithm helps boost the return on investment for their R&D project. Various components of the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit were leveraged by Xtalpi:


Check out the complete success story of XtalPi. 


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Performance varies by use, configuration, and other factors. Learn more at

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