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Meet a New Voice for Open Source: Open at Intel Podcast

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Open at Intel is a brand-new podcast exploring the most intriguing conversations in the open source world brought to you by Intel’s Open Ecosystem group. Our mission is to introduce you to some of the unsung heroes of open source and have a lot of fun along the way.

Featuring some of the brightest minds working on open source at Intel and beyond, our first series explores the latest solutions and challenges in open source security. Future series will dive deep into artificial intelligence and machine learning, Linux*, and more.

The first two episodes are available now, so please subscribe via your favorite podcast player to be notified when new episodes drop.

Open at Intel gives voice to contributors from the boardroom to the dorm room to share their perspectives on the state of open source and its impact. We’ll also hear about the importance of community and collaboration and how it drives innovation in the open ecosystem.

The series starts by laying some groundwork with topics like threat modeling and software supply chain security, then builds on that to discuss interesting projects and learn about organizations doing the work to push open source security forward.

Your Host: Open Source Evangelist Katherine Druckman

As a longtime open source software enthusiast and advocate, software engineer and seasoned podcaster, I’m privileged to bring you stories of pioneering tech from passionate creators and trailblazers.  Join us to learn and collaborate as we build the future.

Whether you were humming "Smells Like Teen Spirit” while looking over the original Linux source code or just made your first commit, I hope you’ll join me in this adventure of learning and exploration. We want to hear from you -- please reach out to us with any questions, comments or ideas for future episodes.

Open source is truly everywhere – from outer space to microbots – travel with us on an exploration and join the conversation. 

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About the Author
Katherine Druckman, an Intel Open Source Evangelist, is a co-host of podcasts Reality 2.0 and FLOSS Weekly. A long-time Drupal enthusiast and former Director of Digital Experience for Linux Journal, she's a 15-year veteran of the marvelous world of open source software.