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Accelerating Modern CPU Performance

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Recently, Intel welcomed industry leaders, data scientists, researchers, and media to Intel InnovatiON (Sept. 27-28), to explore the latest break-throughs from client to datacenter. With a critical focus on our developers, attendees joined engaging keynotes, participated in hands-on workshops, and honed their skills alongside leading experts. Participants also had an opportunity to learn how Intel is empowering developers and the industry to do more.

With our upcoming 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors, we are introducing several accelerators. This will offer a huge leap in options for developers to adapt to changes and optimize for workloads, like AI, analytics, networking, storage and high performance computing. During the Intel Innovation keynote and technical insights sessions we showcased the business impact that Intel Xeon Scalable processors with built-in accelerators are delivering across some of the fastest-growing industry workloads. It was exciting to hear how optimizations leveraging built-in accelerators increase return on investment and open the door to new degrees of system-level power efficiency and price performance. This enables leaders like AbbVie with the innovations to revolutionize the drug discovery and development process to save lives.

To share more of this goodness, we kicked off our first-ever Intel® Xeon® Accelerated Zone, featuring our collaboration with Alibaba, Dell, Google, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Opaque, and Tencent. These demos all leveraged Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with built-in accelerators to showcase how these industry leaders are increasing application performance, improving data protection, bettering infrastructure utilization, and more.

We are committed to helping our customers drive significant business impact. Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with built-in accelerators are at the center of this mission, enabling customers to tackle the demands of modern computing.

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Lisa Spelman Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Intel Xeon Products at Intel Corporation.

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Lisa Spelman Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Intel Xeon Products