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Can't run depth_example.m from Intel RealSense SDK 2.0 in Octave with D455

Hi everybody,


I'm pretty new here so I'm sorry in advance if someone has already faced (and fixed) my issue.


Well, I'm trying to run depth_example from Intel RealSense SDK 2.0. for my Depth Camera D455 into Octave.
I got into +realsense folder and then I created a main.m which runs depth_example() (from depth_example.m, of course).

Arisen issue is saying:

"error: 'realsense' undefined near line 3, column 3
error: called from
depth_example at line 3 column 10
main at line 4 column 1"


It seems like it can't find realsense instance/class. In fact, RealSense library functions into depth_example.m are called like:



Where is realsense instance/class located?


NOTE: I also have mex file into my directory (that one already present into +realsense folder provided by Intel itself).


Thanks a lot in advance to anybody who will support me.



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