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Diffuse vertex color in vertex buffer

Hello all! Vertices can contain a diffuse color. I use such vertices to colorize meshes. When I set D3DTSS_COLORARG1 to diffuse and D3DTSS_COLOROP to SelectArg1 all should be drawn with the specified diffuse color (with lighting turned off, of course). And it does so, but not on Intel 82945G adapters. It seems that on i945 for some reason to each color component a value of 128 added to diffuse color prior to rendering. So the resulting color is a way brighter than expected. If I specify the diffuse color (oD0) in vertex shader all is rendered as expected. May be I'm missing something? Or is this a bug in driver? I'm using DirectX 8 on Windows XP SP2. Driver version 14.10
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Please email me directly. I'd like to see if I can reproduce on my end.