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Graphics drivers not working



I have been having this issue with my Graphics drivers for a few months now but recently it is just getting worse to the point I have to restart my laptop several times a day. My problem is that after a short while, any media (such as YouTube videos or Spotify) will refuse to play and just give me the buffering symbol forever. Restarting my laptop fixes this temporarily until it starts all over again. I had this same problem a couple of years ago, but installing a new driver from Intel quickly fixed it. Now, this is not working. With any new drivers I try to install, I am told my computer "does not meet the minimum requirements for this software" and any solutions I try to get past this do not work. All the "support assistants" I have tried from Intel, Windows, and Lenovo have told me all my drivers are up-to-date and everything is fine which is clearly not the case.

Currently I am using the Intel HD Graphics Driver 4400, version, on Windows 10 with a Lenovo laptop. I have tried all the solutions I have seen online (rolling back drivers, manually installing new drivers, overwriting software) and none of them have worked. Thanks.

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Hey bro my pc has i5 processor but os is of windows xp,,,then as per above procedure how can i download the driver,,,as in video while downloading we we select 7th generation but by default it shows windows 8 or7,,,,,,,what to do????
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What i5 processor?  There are hundreds.  XP?  You are joking, right?

If 7th gen, only Windows 10 and later are supported.

"What to do????"   Stop trying to run an OS from 20-years ago. 


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