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How can I test the game on G45 ?


I`ve got several questions regarding the LevelUp contest, but I hope they can be answered also here.

1. I would like my game to be tested/benchmarked on G45 (which is supposed to be the target platform for third category). However, I`ve got only G31 at home - thus there`s no way for me to tell how the game performs on G45.
So, I`d need to find some volunteer, willing to spend 5-10 minutes playing the game and sending me the information about how well it ran (performance would be benchmarked and put to a log file).
So, is this forum the right place where to ask for this kind of help ?

2. Anyone knows what kind of CPU can I expect while the jury shall be testing the game ? It`s supposed to be Core2Duo, but there`s no note on frequency. And there`s quite a difference between 1.6 GHz and 3.45 GHz CPU - so if anyone`s got a clue, I`d be grateful.

3. Would I score more points if my game ran over 100 fps compared to, say, 30 fps ?
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Hi Vladr - there is a forum for the Level Up 2009 contest at

You should be able to get answers there.

Good luck!
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