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Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 Not responding

I recently bought an ASUS G74SX with i7 Processor using new Turbo Boost technology 2.0 and with 2 months of use, a very strange and unknown issue is tormenting me. Whenever i play a heavy game like GTA IV, BF3, Flight Simulator and many others my Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 2.0 stops working and green and pink pixels keep blinking on my screen, then a weird sound plays like if the screen is frozen, followed by a black screen and a complete screen shutdown. No other possible commands work, so i go for a manual boot up. At first the screen boots up with all these green lines and weird blocks flashing on the screen, it goes black then boots again but normally. When i go for the game again, the cycle replays.
I have tried deleting any possible crap on the computer that might be causing the issue, already contacted ASUS to try to get an answer, and tried downloading the LATEST driver for my 3D Vision Ready Ge Force GT560M 3GB VRAM. I hope anybody can help me out, i want to game again :/
Specs: Intel i7 2.0GHz -> 2.8GHz
Nvidia GT 560M 3D 3GB VRAM
2x 750 GB HD 7200rpm
1920x 1080 (120Hz) 3D ready built-in monitor
Model: Asus G74SX
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