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OS:Win8 64 bit - G41 Express Chipset - Driver Error - 'system does not meet minimum requirement'


I have a Lenovo M70z All-in-One (Model No.: 7597-RL4) with the following specifications:

Intel Core i3-540 Processor

3GB RAM - which I recently upgraded to 8GB

Intel G41 Express Chipset

OS: Windows 8 consumer preview

I'm unable to install the driver for the chipset - it gives an error saying 'This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software'. I tried these drivers: 

  1. Windows 7 64 bit driver - Win7Vista_151718_SIGNED Driver Revision: - after running a 'CustomCertificateInstall.exe' file which was ziped with it
  2. Windows 8 64 bit driver - win8_64_1528 -  which was released by intel for windows 8
  3. I installed the Intel chipset software installation (INF) utility from the lenovo site - and it does pretty much nothing.

And the device manager allows me install only 'Intel HD Graphics driver' and everything is pretty much ok except that i can't run applications which require openGL and Photoshop doesn't detect a GPU.

I retained my old Windows 7 32 bit from before upgrade and it's working fine with the 32 bit driver for g41 chipset - however I need a 64 bit OS to handle more RAM.

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I think that you need to contact your laptop Manufacturers.

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