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Performance: Intel Arc A380 6GB. red Dead Redemption 2 PC

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Hello good morning

Hello good morning.

Dear Intel congratulations on your Intel Arc product.

I wanted to comment okay and suggestions for you to have it in mind Intel Arc A380 6GB graphics card I looked at a youtube video I see that this graphic is capable of moving the ultra texture and everything in between is approximately 55 to 63 FPS bordering on 65 FPS which means that this graphic is capable of achieving 70 FPS now it should be at least high and ultra eye no I say ultra ultra ulra ok ultra high or high ultra ok keeping 55 to 65 fps is already playable. 


Optimization drivers performance improvements 45% to 100% performance for red dead redemption 2 pc and other games
Make an agreement with the developers of Red Dead Redemption 2 to improve the performance of their game
Reaching an agreement with the developers of red dead redemption 2 Intel XeSS technology us users or players Rockstar cannot guarantee that technology only guarantees Amd, NVIDIA and Intel each their company not users more clearly told me and if it is going to implement that technology that is 45% or higher that would be 100% more performance or faster
The Intel Arc A370 graphics card, whether for laptops or desktops, should at least be high quality 50 to 55 FPS and medium quality 60 to 65 FPS.

The other range of graphics the lowest A350 should go low and medium 1920x1080 50 to 55 FPS.


Well, with all that and kindly with the utmost respect, be it users, players and superior Intel employees, etc. Please do not insult and with the utmost respect for security, everything is welcome.

Both graphics 1920x1080



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Hi David

As I mentioned on my reply to your latest post, for future updates on this topic, we will take this post as base. There's no need to re-post it anywhere else.


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