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Possible bug with Compute Shader on UHD Graphics 750 (DirectX)


Would you, please, verify one problem:

(output console)
1>reading Images\RV_Marble_2_baseColor.png (4096x4096 R8G8B8A8_UNORM 2D a:Opaque) as
1>[Using DirectCompute on "Intel(R) UHD Graphics 750"]
1> FAILED [compress] (887A0005: Wyst�pienie urz�dzenia GPU zosta�o zawieszone. U�yj obiektu GetDeviceRemovedReason, aby okre�li� odpowiedni� akcj�.)

Microsoft has developed an application texconv.exe. This tool shows the error above.

I have posted report to MS:

In their opinion this error is in Intel software (driver?).

To "halt" this device I have used big and complex .png. Output was: BC7 format.

GPU from NVidia works fine.


Yours sincerely

Włodzimierz Kubera, Poland too

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