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Progam for recording games supported HD graphics processors and others.




Hello programmers of intel I am, Wesley Israel (HERBECEU) do not know exactly if it's here to send a message to you of my ideas and etc. .. but I'm sending it here for some intel programmer might be interested about my idea.
I'm from Brazil, so I'm sorry any grammar error why I'm using the translator.
My idea is the following intel could create a recording program for games where the progam to be light and at the same time powerful, supported doing live stream on youtube, twitch and hitbox.
record the games in MP4 and AVI are the best qualities for videos (the most accepted in video hosting sites)
with several CODECS for the user of a HD video card graphics like me can use and save games on my laptop. (I intend to set up a computer with a cabinet with a HI-END intel processor but that would be later.
I appreciate the attention everyone who reads this post and have a great day or night (by that time zone and different) a hug of Brazilians ^^
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