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RemoteFX with Intel HD610 FPS drops



Currently I run some tests using RemoteFX on a Hyper-V server. My test server setup is is a Pentium G4560 with the Intel HD610 graphics running with Windows Server 2016. The VM OS is a Windows 10 Enterprise. On the Hyper-V server I have selected the HD610 for RemoteFX, looking on the VM everythink works fine, Youtube Videos such as the sounds are very clear and have a nice performance. For additional testing I have installed a Game (Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth 2) on the VM and here I can see some issues. The FPS drops very high and the performance is very poor. My first suspicion was that the graphics power is not enough for playing this game. Therefore I have moved the VM to my local workstation, I have deactivated the dedicated graphics card (GTX970) therefore only the IntelHD 4000 from my Intel I7-3770K CPU is running. Here I can see that the FPS is not loosing as on my HD610. The game is running very nice without any lags. However I have installed on both Hosts workstation and server GPU-Z and have repeat the tests. On my workstation with the IntelHD 4000 graphics I can see that the GPU frequency is always around 1050 MHz, same test on the server with the HD610 shows that the GPU frequency is going to 650 --> 800 --> 950 --> 1050 and then to 350 MHz for a view seconds, after that the frequency is increasing again but only to 650 MHz after 2 seconds the frequency is decrease again to 350 MHz. I have installed on the Host the latest driver ( for the HD 610. On the energy settings in windows I have selected for the HD 610 'maximum performance' instead of 'balanced', But the issue is still existing.  

Many thanks in advance

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