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Test on Intel's Q35 MB


Below is bugs to run our software on Intel's Q35 motherboard. The OS is Windows XP Pro SP2.

MPEG and WMV Videos

MPEG1/2/4 video and JPEG photo worked fine. But all WMV video included standard and HD displayed mess pictures. The bug may be in Intels driver that might have gotten YUV2RGB or other operations buggy. Our software can play WMV HD right on both ATIs radeon and NVIDIAs GeForce graphics cards, we think it is a bug of Intels driver. The DV video has the same bug.

This is a critical bug need to be fixed.


When we toggled to true full screen mode, our software was dead. This demonstrated memory allocation bug in DVMT. Intels driver is not very stable.

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Is this still an issue for youwith the current drivers? If so, contact us directly by email and we can work to get your issue submitted to engineering.


Lexi S.

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