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realsense SDK 2016 _2 and 3


I am writing in reponse to this: "Hi,Thanks for the support.Intel replied to me that they have removed the "Webapp Component" from all releases, the old ones too. So there is no way to use javascript with Realsense anymore. Best regards,..."
I spent many months last Summer and Fall investigating my SR300 and experimenting with Javascript--now I am unable to even view my own projects; months' worth of there anyone at Intel I can communicate with to fix this? or get "permission" to "temporarily" enable useof  Javascript? If only to screencast MY OWN work?  What about people like me who have put a lot of energy into their work? I am an artist, this is not a "business" or commercial proposition. Furthermore, Unity is not a similar substitute, it is much more cumbersome and of little use in my situation.
Please advise me how I can proceed? This is urgent...Thank you 

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Hi Geraldine,

I think that the best place to post questions related to Intel Realsense is the Intel® RealSense Community. The following is the link to this community:

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