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Differences in chipset for network card i210


I have a PC that has an i210 network card with for ethernet ports. I am using a software that can only work with specific network cards and hardware ids. My card has the ID of  8086 157B and it says that the software can only work with a card thats id is 8086 1533.

My Question is is there a difference between the two chipsets or are they the same just with different IDs? if there are differences I would love to know and if it could be explained how these differences can impact the signal I need for the software 

thank you

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Hello, @Gabriel-Fisher:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

Based on the provided information, we want to address the following questions:

Could you please clarify if the network card mentioned has been manufactured by you or by a third-party company? In case it is a third-party device, could you please let us know the name of the manufacturer, model, and where we can find its information?

We are waiting for your clarification.

Best regards,


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