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WGI210 and WGI211 internal file Dump


Dear Sir,


We're developing HW with Intel WGI210 and WGI211 chipset for network.

we already confirmed basic chipset functions, it worked well.

But we're checking something to find method now and we're comparing each chipset's internal programed files.

1. WGI210 : use external SPI Flash, we can write iNVM file and MAC address into this flash.

2. WGI211 : no external flash, we write same files into WGI211's integrated eePROM.


My questions are...


1. I want to dump other hardware's WGI211 and 210 chipset to compare with Intel referernce.
    I did "eeupdate /nic=1 /invmget" and I found xxx.raw file.
   This is right ?
   The reason i asked this is because the filename extension is different.
   The reference iNVM file from Intel is xxx.txt but dumped file is xxx.raw.

2. If dumped file like xxx.RAW is same with iNVM, Can i do like below?
    1) I have two cards, A and B

    2) B card already have intel reference iNVM files.
    3) I dumped a.raw file from A card

    4) I update a.raw file into B card's WGI210 or WGI211 chipset.

    5) after this process, B card's iNVM is same with A card's iNVM...Right?


3. WGI210 and WGI211 have different structures.

    I can dump eeprom from WGI210 but WGI211 doesn't have eeROM, just iNVM and MAC.

   I also can replace other vender's eeROM into my hardware for comparison after dump....


  I will use eeupdate tool for this process.


 one more, where is the eeprom located when using WGI210??

 in external SPI flash ?





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Hello Samsedam,


Just a note to let you know that I have sent you an email with a suggestion to continue the support process for your question.



Best regards,

Jaime L

Intel Customer Support Engineer

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Hello Jaime,


thanks for your answer.

Yes, I checked your answer.

I contacted to local Intel and distributor but no solution.

As we think, there're no solution for my answer.

- no method to dump iNVM file to txt file

- no method to write raw file into i211 chipset

- no method to modify raw file


I think my question not solved by general method.



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