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i210 dual flash and reset?


We are using an i210 in an SFP application and have successfully tested both the "Fiber" and "SGMII" firmwares under a Linux OS.  Each firmware is compatible with different sets of SFP modules; we would like to compatible with all of them.  An idea to support this is to have dual flashes containing both firmware variants and then using out of band chip selects to pick one or the other.  A few questions about this:


1. Has anybody done this before?

2. Is there any way under Linux to hot-reset the i210 after a flash swap?

3. If not, is there a reliable hardware way to achieve this?


We'd like to of course switch flashes on the fly, but reboots and power cycles are tolerable if that is what it takes.




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Hello, @DanielGoertzen:

Thank you for contacting Intel Embedded Community.

The configuration that you want to implement seems to be unmentioned in the document stated on the following website:


We need to clarify that Intel guarantees the proper functionality of their devices if your implementations follow the guidelines stated in their documentation.

However, in case you want to implement something out of the recommendations provided in the documentation, you need to test and validate it on your own.

Best regards,


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