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24/7 Stable Performance as Tough Challenge in IoT Generation

http://dfi-intel-atom-e3900.gr8.com/ 24/7 Stable Performance as Tough Challenge in IoT Generation


The demand for small form factors for space-constrained embedded application is increasing rapidly. In response to this requirement, DFI gladly introduces you to ultra-small size products which includes industrial motherboards and system-on-modules based on the new generation Intel® Atom™ processor E3900 series (code name: Apollo Lake). Compared to the last generation Atom (N3700 Series), the brand new DFI product family supports harsh environments and narrow space operations with 30% higher performance and impressively optimized energy efficiency. These products are ideally designed for IoT, automation, transportation, and medical applications. http://dfi-intel-atom-e3900.gr8.com/ Learn More '


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