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Configuring EMGD Driver for Fujitsu u820 (GMA500)



Fujitsu u820 graphics is based on GMA500, which has serious issues using the vendor-provided driver: no opengl support, no 1080p playback, choppy flash videos.

I tried to use the EMGD 1.8.1 driver, with partial success: opengl works, 1080p works, flash partially works, but i have the following new issues:

LCD panel not turning off when closing lid (lid is working with original driver) - power management is set to do nothing on lid close.

When resuming from standby, brightness control is not working - disabling/re-enabling the adapter from dev. manager fixes the problem.

Some flash videos causes BSOD with PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (random).

Based on your experience, can those problems be fixed? Am I missing something in the EMGD driver configuration? Are there any custom variables to declare in the configuration?

All tests had been made on Windows 7 SP1 32bit.


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I'd bet the display blanks (turns off the content) but the backlight stays on when you shut the lid? Backlight is an area that is not well stadardized with the various OEMs using our hardware. Many like to do proprietary interfaces or use the non-default mechanisms the driver supports. It may be a simple config change to the backlight method, or if they did something custom, it may be something we just will not be able to support with the driver.

The fact that the brightness on resume is likely the backlight control again not being set quite right. I know when it is configured properly for the hardware, we do properly handle it for the various system events (lid, standby, sleep, etc.). We do not have a relationship with that vendor with the embedded driver so we cannot help much with the setting other than just trying all the different canned capabilites.

The page fault randomly with flash is a bit disturbing. It is not something we see with our validation on supported platforms that are properly configured for us. Your spurious faults may be because of a custom Fujitsu flash support on your platform flash files that we do not handle. Not all flash support is the same code- Adobe has a process to allow custom support to be provide from specific OEMS. We know that because the embedded group here is enabling such a special Adobe build to get our GMA500 video acceleration and other performance enhancements. Unfortunately an OEM has to take that code and get certified with Adobe before providing it so ti will not be possible to provide it in your case unless Fujitsu went through that process. If you were to somehow remove ALL of the Adobe flas from your system and install the generic one from Adobe, that might cure the page fault issue you see.

Sorry this is not all good news..



Hello Kirk,

Thank you very much for your response.

For the moment, my time is a bit limited and hope to do some more tests in the following days.

Good news is that I downloaded the generic GMA500 driver for the intel website (not the fujitsu driver or from the windows update) and backlight controls and display shutoff on lid close are working properly (of course, without opengl support), even if I wasn't able to install driver with the installer - complained about not being compatible, I installed it with the device manager. Driver version is From my point of view, this means that intel driver is correctly managing the LCD panel from this generic driver, and I am missing something in driver configuration for the EMGD.

I don't know how the generic driver is built, nor I can find a platform for building it (like the EMGD), to be able to see which are the default settings.

My bet is it have something to do with the "Inverter Frequency" parameter. The default value is ZERO, with this value the LCD does not receive backlight at all, I changed it to the value specified in the documentation for the US15W, which is 20300, but with this new value I have the same problems as posted in my initial report plus the fact that when adjusting brightness, the level of actual brightness does not correspond with the brightness shown on the slider, for example when brightness slider is in middle position, actual screen brightness is at the lowest value, getting the slider lower does nothing.

As seen in another forum, I set the "Inverter Frequency" to 1, with this settings brightness slider is working correctly, still same issues with the screen not powering off on lid close and brightess controls not working after stadby resume.

A weird thing is that with some binary called "Turn off LCD.exe" the screen and backlight DOES turn off.

The page fault is happening with the generic flash package, I didn't install anything graphics related from fujitsu. What I figured was that somehow, with the Intel GMA500 driver (generic one), flash videos are stuttering as usual and CPU usage is high, but with the EMGD the stuttering is gone with no CPU usage, which means that on the EMGD the video is hw decoded?

Thank you very much for your support!

Best regards,


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The only recommnedation I can make is to play around with all the attributes related to the backlight control. The frequency is one, but there is also an attribute for backlight method (legacy vs PWM) which may be at play.

I am positive the driver attempts to turn off the backlight on lid close because that is something we do test and use all the time. We do not support Fujitsu with the embedded driver so I have zero knowledge of that platform. There has to be something that is (like the backlight method) that is causing the issue. It could be something stupid like they have the on vs off inverted from our default (I have seen that before). there is just no way to be sure. If you have to have OpenGL, then a little experimentation will need to be done. We are just not going to be much help for your particular situation unless you can convince Fujitsu to adopt the EMG driver as an alternative to the GMA driver and they can configure it properly for you.


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On my GMA500, with EMGD driver 2048 july 2011 with Windows 7, I have Flash video acceleration using the specific version 10.1 of the flash player (http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/embedded/hwsw/software/emgd# faqs as specified here, search for 'flash' on this page). You can download it on the http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html flash archive page from Adobe, here. Take the http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/installers/archive/fp_10.1.102.64_and_9.0.289.0_archive.zip '(Released 11/04/2010) Flash Player and (126 MB)' archive, and extract the file named 'Flash Player\10_1r102_64\flashplayer10_1r102_64_win.exe' and install it (it is indeed a 32 bits version, the 64 in the name is part of the flash version number).


If the installer tells you that it is not the latest version, you'll have to uninstall your installed version before, using the http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html flash uninstall utility from Adobe, found here.


(for IE, the file to extract is 'Flash Player\10_1r102_64\flashplayer10_1r102_64_winax.exe')

I hope this helps. Perhaps it also works with flash 10.3, I have not tested.


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