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EMGD driver for Windows CE 6.0


Hi All,

Board and O.S information:

Processor: Tunnel Creek(E6XXT)

I/O: Topcliff(EG20)

O.S: Windows CE 6.0 R3

Tool: Intel EMGD Version: 1.5.2

BSP: CE6.0_Intel_BSP_2.5.Gold.msi

Question: In the Intel EMGD 1.5.2 downloaded from http://edc.intel.com/Software/Downloads/EMGD/ http://edc.intel.com/Software/Downloads/EMGD/ doesn't have support for Windows CE 6.0 operating system. There is no graphics drivers provided in CE6.0_Intel_BSP_2.5.Gold.msi(BSP for WinCE 6.0) . We need the graphics driver for Tunnel Creek processor - Windows CE 6.0 O.S. How to get the driver?

Also, in the userguide.pdf of IEMGD 1.5.2 a note is mentioned as follows.

Note: There are two versions of CED, one for Windows XP/Linux and another for Windows CE. 

Not all options covered here may be available, depending on the version of CED you are



It is confusing that the documents says the IEMGD supports windows ce 6.0, but the tool doesn't have support.

Please help to get the graphics driver for the above mentioned hardware/O.S.

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The graphics driver for Windows CE has not yet been released. We are likely to release this month (April '11) so you will need to watch for that release. We are working through some last minute issues so we do not have a firm release date at this point. Please work with your Intel field rep if you need better details.

Sorry for your confusion from the USer Guide- we try to make it be generic to cover a wide range of situations (write once, deploy many) so it does require you to rely on the release itself (especially the release notes) to tell you what is supported. For example, as you have seen, we may have one release that does support XP/7, Linux and WCE, but the next release (maybe a beta) will only be XP/7 and Linux as the WCE code is not complete but the XP and Linux code need not be delayed because of another late OS support. We have done CE only releases in the past so we do not always "pick on" WCE.

Hope this helps.

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Kirk, thanks for the clarrification. I am waiting for the new release from Intel supporting windows ce :-)

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