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Enabling platform clock for camera on Baytrail (Intel Atom E3800)

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I'm working on Intel Atom Baytrail platform (LEC-Base-R1 + LEC-BT from ADLINK) and would like to attach the camera. Camera requires external clock to be supplied from the board.

Intel Atom E3800 datasheet says that it features platform clocks (PMC_PLT_CLK) including camera dedicated ones - supplied by Power Management Controller (PMC). According to the documentation PMC base address for PMC control registers should be read from PCI configuration space (bus 0: device: 31: function 0 + 44h offset), however I don't see any driver for that device in the kernel sources. My board is running Fedora 18 based on Linux kernel 3.8.0 - it is configured in BIOS to PCI mode. Is there a patch providing PMC driver for Linux? Would you be able to send it to me (or provide the link) in case it exists?

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Hello deppel,

Thank you for contacting the Intel Embedded Community,

We suggest to address these consultations to Timesys as is stated on page 3 of the http://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/platform-briefs/atom-processor-e3800-pla... Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor E3800 Product Family Platform Brief.

They will further answer them.

Please let us know if this information is useful to you.

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