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Help with displaying splash screen on Fedora 14 - TimeSys


I was able to get the drivers for emgd to work correctly and I am able to show the gui on the emgdgui command, however this is only when I set up the package to not include a splash screen. When I try to install drivers set up with the .cnfg to include a splash screen the os fails to correctly boot, leaving the screen black with the cursor. However I can access the terminal with a shortcut on the keyboard and determine the driver is running with lsmod. Any direction to relevant documentation would be appreciated.

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I have a couple of comments and some things to try:

1. The User's Guide for EMGD can be found under workspace\documentation in the CED install.

2. You must be using an EFI environment and the GOP driver rather than VBIOS- do you have your bootldr and FC14 set up for EFI operation?

3. If using the GOP Splashscreen, the intent is to go straight into X and a windowing environment, not stop at the console as we skip some initialization, especially if you are also selecting Fast Boot. Make sure you are at "init lvl 5" to cause Fedora to boot into the GUI.

4. Your splashscreen graphic being put into the GOP may be too big causing other issues with the build. Try a smaller one. See the UG for guidelines.

5. You must use CED to merge a Splashscreen into the GOP, there is no way to manually edit the .CNFG to cause Splashscreen to function. This could be the biggest issue.

Hope this helps. Kirk


what is the easiest way to get a splash screen? I am using the same OS and I am confused on the options.

if all we want is splashscreen (no fastboot or other fancy stuff), can we just build an EFI package? Do we have to build an EPOG package too? could we possibly get a splashscreen with only a EMGD package (no modification of bios)?


Have you done a Google search? I did and found:

http:// http://download.intel.com/embedded/software/IEGD/439095.pdf

A GOP is used with a full EFI platform. It does not provide backward compatibility with older OS like XP, DOS, or anything like that because there is NO VBIOS, just the GOP driver. It needs a fully EFI environment including an EFI aware OS like Win8 or appropriatly tweaked Linux distro.

EPOG is another pre-boot firmware solution primarily for a BLDK environment which I doubt you have so you can ignore it.

Once you build a GOP, you then need to incorporate it into your EFI system firmware. The various BIOS vendors usually have their own tool to handle this merge, then that image needs to be burned into the system flash for the boot. You have to be sure to remove any CSMs and VBIOS that might be in the image.

Handling this is not something you normally just do off the street. This is really a BIOS vendor kind of thing where we are just provding one piece of the puzzle- the GOP driver.

There is no "easy way" to add a splash screen. There is the GOP way where WE provide an easy way to create the GOP with splash but it is complicated to integrate unless you have a really good relationship with your BIOS vendor. Then there is the custom BIOS/VBIOS route that again requires a BIOS vendor to be involved. It can be done either way but you need to build your platform planning for it, you cannot just take something off the street and add it. We can thank IBM compatabilty for all the "fun". EFI is really the way to go, but there is a lot of resistence in the market to abondon the old ways...

Hope that helsp.