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How to get BIOS specification document #5598113 from Intel. http://www.intel.com/cd/edesign/library/asmo-na/eng/559811.htm ;


We are working Apollo Lake platform for building a industrial tablet PC and for these we have bought SBC from a standard SBC manufacturer 'DFI'; https://www.dfi.com/product/index/249

Now we are trying to interface some standard i2c peripherals like gyro, ambient light sensor etc. But we cannot see any i2c controllers in the system device link in device manager. We are trying to edit DSDT table so that this i2c controller get enumerated in device manager. For this we understand that we need documentation on how Intel Atom Apollo hardware memory are linked to DSDT table. Though we searched for this, we did not get any Intel specific document on this.


The only thing that we could find out related to this was a link in this community which was not able to access with out a privileged login.




So please help us in this regard.




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Hello, @ifazi​:


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