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IEGD 10.2.2 and Color look-up table does not work


We are using IEGD 9.0 build 1233 in our device and we load a Color look-up table and that works fine.

We have tried to use the latest IEGD driver 10.2.2, but with that we are not able to load the color look-up table.

We would like to use the latest driver because it have solved some other problems, but without the load of a color look-up table is not possible.

Are there any changes in the support of color look-up tables from version 9.0 to version 10.2.2 of IEGD?

We use it on a GME965 chipset

Thanks in advance

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I have precise the same problem. I have for months tried to get Intel to acknowledge the problem and do something about it. I haven't succededd yet.

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We have no mechanism to get a problem reported here on the EDC into our formal issue tracking system (HSD). Customer issues that get reported on the Intel Premier Support System (Quad) are able to transfer to an HSD. The embedded products are OEM oriented, not end csutomer so our support mechanisms are geared more to those OEMs than the type of more end user type support (ad-hoc) done here.

The best thing someone can do is either use their Premier Support account to report the issue agains IEGD, or get your Intel Field representative to do so to get the right attention to the issue.

We have not had an OEM report this issue, although two end user reports (like this) makes this a much more troubling sighting.

I do not have the bandwidth to try to push this from here to an HSD (the overhead of having an issue open on HSD is large internally thus the deisre to have a good ROI associated with the issue).

I will see what I can do, however, without a large OEM behind this issue, it will be difficult to get something like this resolved quickly. That is just how business works- revenue talks!

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