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IEGD 10.3.1 vs IEGD 10.4 vs EMGD 1.5.2 US15W


We are using the US15W platform with the Z530 Atom CPU with Windows XP SP3. I have noticed some issues with all three of these drivers. Note on all three drivers we have WPF enabled, other than our custom DTD file everything is pretty much generic settings.

10.3.1, 1.5.2

Certain third party application crashes on dragging a map overlay. Other than this, both are solid with no other issues. Landscape and portrait orientation both work well. Everything draws correctly on screen.


No crashes application wise very stable in landscape, but using the portrait mode is horrible. A lot of lines and screen tearing when opening windows or dragging a window. Icon names go black when selecting a new window, or half of the name is blacked out. Right clicking the desktop, the properties part on bottom of that window is not seen. In multiple third party application logos or words on buttons are not drawn-- once the user presses that button the logo or word is seen.

We are stuck here since we don't have application stability in the IEGD 10.3.1 and EMGD 1.5.2, and the drawing and screen tearing with IEGD 10.4 is horrible. Anyone else seeing these issues? Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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Spent some time looking into this. It appears .Net and Opengl are causing the stability issues (our application uses both). IEGD 10.4 is the most stable out of the three and has not had any crashes. We can reproduce the crashes with the other two drivers every time, changing to 10.4 the crash goes away. So this issue is a video driver problem.

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