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IEGD GMA 500 driver reboots under XPe SP3


I have a Atom Z530 system here where I have a (vendor supplied) driver for the GMA500 video that works correctly under XP Pro SP3. When I try to use that same driver under XPe SP3 the computer usually spontaneously reboots after the windows boot screen. If I start the driver after the computer has booted (using the standard VGA mode driver during the boot up) I am able to get the system to change resolutions and colour depths, however on reboot the computer is not able to boot up with the GMA500 driver. What are the minimum XP embedded requirements (i.e. which OS packages are required) for the GMA500 driver to function under XPe? I have also tried IEGD 10.3.1 drivers with similar results... What packages are in the IEGD minimum requirements? Where does one get the 10.3.3 IEGD version (and would it maybe help)? Does anyone have any suggestions on this issue?



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IEGD is definitely designed to work on XP Embedded and we do not have any reports of issues with other customers like this.

If I were to wager a guess, I would say you are having a conflict either in the memory space that the driver needs to do graphics that is stolen from the platform or in the PCI address space.

Could it be that you have another errant driver that is NOT XPe friendly?

It sounds like another driver (or hardware) is conflicting with the graphics resources. Have you tried a bare-bones XPe install where you remove things like network drivers, or "unusual" drivers or boards (RAID controllers, SCSI boards, etc)? There is no hard and fast rule on how to do this so your situation will be unique to your setup.

Also, when it fails, did you build it into the XPe image or do a "setup" install then reboot? To include it in the XPe you need to be sure to follow the XPe instructions in the IEGD Users Guide carefully as there are a couple of manual steps to make it work.

Hope this helps.

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