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IEGD and 945 GM no OpenGL on Win XP



we have a embedded system with Intel 945GM chipset and installed IEGD-driver. Now the problem is that the IEGD-driver does not support OpenGL on Windows XP. Is there any solution for this problem?



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IEGD does support OGL but unfortunately it is on Linux only at this point. The driver POR (plan of record) is set by the Intel platform teams and they have not seen a great enough need in the embedded markets to prioritize this feature high enough to get it done. The best thing you can do is work with your Intel field rep to influence our platform teams to raise the priority of OGL on Windows.

BTW, there is a confidential Technical Product Spec for IEGD that you can get through IBL/CDL if you have an account on that system. It explains all the features and OS availability.

We do fully support DirectX (D3D) which is the NATIVE 3d interface provided by Microsoft. There is rumor of a library that might work for you that translates OGL calls to D3D (try Googling it) that might work for you.

Hope this helps


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hi.i've installed on my HDD 2nd partion(D: 1st is C:) WES 2009 (windows embedded standard) deploying a runtime image perfectly working ,and later installed Intel IEGD_10.3

Gold(latest release downloaded from Intel Site) on my 82945 G Express graphic Chipset,with Installer included in C:\IEGD\IEGD_10_3\plugins\com.intel.iegd.drivers_10.3.0\Windows\IEGD_10_3_Windows\Utilities.

All done without error, having a video driver perfectly working.

but i've seen (like i noticed in this forum) that Graphic Driver do not have OpenGL support,and in fact trying Homeworld2 game from Sierra that requires: 32 MB OpenGL supported hardware, GeForce or better (with Transform and Lighting), ATI Radeon 7500 or better (with Transform and Lighting),game do not start at all,while with standard video driver

for xp it works perfectly.inside IEGD 10_3 _Gold Windows folder/driver there are 2s Dll and libraries and i think ES 1.1 and ES 2.0 stand for OPenGl embedded system 1.1 and 2.0 version.In IEGD configuration editor help Notes there is Intel 2D/3D Api support:

Windows XP* (valid for Win CE5.0 and 6.0 i suppose also for WES 2009 )

The application needs to link to the following import libraries to compile:

• libGLES_CM.lib - ES 1.1

• libGLESv2.lib - ES2.0

The application then needs to be able to access the following dynamic link libraries during runtime:

• libGLES_CM.dll - ES 1.1

• libGLESv2.dll - ES2.0

The OpenGL driver is automatically installed during the normal driver installation.

Note: The system likely has a version of libGL already installed. You may want to make a backup copy of the existing library before installing the IEGD library.

but my surprise :

Version 1.4 on 915GV, 915GM, 945G, 945GM, Q965, GLE960/GME965 (Linux only).

my question is :

1)is possible develop a custom dll in order to have OpenGL 1.4 fully working with IEGD driver?

2)I've noticed moderator answer in previous post to solve same problem as mine :

"BTW, there is a confidential Technical Product Spec for IEGD that you can get through IBL/CDL if you have an account on that system. It explains all the features and OS availability."

i've tried googling for IBL/CDL but do not know what it stand for,so if possible more explanation are needeed.any help,answer,suggest will be a lot appreciated.i've used reply

and not open new thread 'cause argument is not new.

Thanks in advance.Enrico-Italy .Hope my English is clear enough.Best Regards

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Hello Enrico:

Welcome to the Intel® Embedded Community.

Your English is perfect. (Infinitely better than my Italian).

Let's see if somoeone in the community can help you with your question.



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Adding OpenGL for 945 is just not on our Plan Of Record anywhere. Either you need to help influence our roadmap via your field sales team who would then influence the platform segment team to prioitize this new feature, OR, you need to get a way to handle OGL calls and map them back to the exisiting DirectX capability that we do support.

Hope this helps.

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I am very grateful for the responses and suggests.i haven't the expertise to develop OpenGL drivers for Intel 945 G for WES 2009, I only have a little knowledge of the assembly language, very little of the C + +, I think i understand that there is the need for an ICD / OGL driver which I assume are iglic.dll and igldev.dll in xp normal driver,used with Microsft Opengl32.dll (OpenGL Client DLL). The task to remap all the calls to OGL Drirectx is for me very hard question.have installed IEGD 10_3_Gold because they are installed on your own in WES 2009 without manually run the setup, but only adding to runtimeimage component .Sld created with Component Designer. With the normal drivers for XP ( creating with .inf file component. Sld and adding it to WES 2009 runtimeimage, they are not installed automatically by themselves;manual set up is required:on the other way in WES 2009 OpenGl 1.4 is fully working with them(this is obvious).

i know of GLEE and GLEW utility and GLIntercept but don't know if these tool can help me some way.

i'll be still tuned to see if there will be news about this quest.Thanks again for your attention.BestRegards.

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