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IEGD page_fault_in_nonpaged_area BSOD in Windows 7 SP1



We have an Intel Menlow US15W platform and we are using IEGD 10.4 driver on Windows 7 SP1. Whenever we remote desktop to this Menlow system, we are getting BSOD telling us the iegddis.dll did something bad. Attached is the screenshot of the BSOD.

Any ideas what is happening?

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Hi, that is very odd. We do not have any wide reports of this sort of issue. We also do not test remote access so it sure could be a real graphics driver issue.

We have seen odd blue screens at times on systems that have had a lot of in-place updates done (without doing an uninstall before doing the update) or if a GMA driver has been used.

The best thing to try would be to FULLY uninstall the current driver, then reboot into "VGA Mode" or Safe Mode then do a full driver reinstall.

If things have gotten really twisted up in the registry, it might take a Windows rebuild (boot the Win7 CD and do a repair install), to clear out garbage in the display area of the registry.

Also, you might want to consider upgrading to EMGD as that is our best solution now for Z500 and E600 chipsets (and is likely to be faster with less CPU overhead).

There is also a native Windows 7 version that is in Beta right now that should be out soon (if it has not already been released). That will be designed FOR Win7 (WDDM mode) rather then using the XP driver model (XPDM) that Win7 supports.

Hope that helps,



I tried the latest EMGD 1.6 driver and I am no longer getting the BSOD (yet). Looks like something have got fixed in the GMA500 driver.

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