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Internal LVDS is not detected as primary display when the secondary display is not connected


Hi everyone,

I am new here and I am not sure this is the corerect place to look for help.

I am not an IT person so please excuse if I am using non-tech language, but I try my best . Just ask if something is not clear.

I bought a new 16:9 flatscreen and I am trying to get this to work with a1920x1080 resolution on old Dell Latitude D505 with a 855GME (Mobile) chip. Using IEGD version 8.0 (September 2007), which I blelieve is the last one that still supports the 855GME chip, I actually managed to get my new screen to work when it is attached to the analog port (CRT).

Since I also want to use the notebook screen as a secondary display, my driver is in clone-mode with port order CRT, LVDS and Display Detection On. This all works perfectly well when I start-up the notebook with the external display connected.

Now the problem: When I disconnect the external display, the notebook display shows the Dell and the Windows start-up pictures, and then turns black. So essentially I cannot use my labtop without the external screen which of course is not what I want. Does anybody have an idea what I need to do to get my notebook screen to work normally when the external display in NOT connected? I really would appreciate the help.

I have seen other threads here with the .inf file was attached, so I attach mine also as this might help..

Thanks to everyone looking into this, Oliver

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