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New Arrival: PRO-2000: IIntel® AtomTM Processor-Powered Fanless Barebone w/ Multiple USB & Serial Ports


Based on the Intel® AtomTM processor low power, high performance platform, the PRO-2000 is a fanless barebone adopting Norco's patented "ICEFIN" technology. It supports 6x USB ports, 10x serial ports and multiple storage mode, tailored for industrial applications that required multiple USB and multiple serial ports. With the Intel Atom processor D510 platform, the CPU built-in graphic controller supports LVDS+VGA independent dual-display. This PRO-2000 features high strength carton steel case, low power consumption, high performance, dustproof, low-radiation, strong electromagnetic compatibility makes a priority solution for power sector, transportation, E-police, ferrous metallurgy, petrochemical, electromechanical, medicine, CNC, industrial furnace, military, scientific research and etc.


◆Adopts fanless mute cooling design, no-noise;

◆Onboard low power, high performance Intel® AtomTM processor D510 processor, integrated Intel Pineview-M/D+ICH8M chipset;

◆Onboard 1GB DDR2 667MHz memory;

◆Provides 1x DB15 VGA, 1x DB26Pin LVDS, support VGA+LVDS independent dual-display;

◆1x Mini-IDE, 2xSATA, 1x CF slot, providing multiple storage mode;

◆Provide up to 6x USB2.0, 10x RS232 serial port, COM7~10 support RS422/RS485 and RS232, select via jumper cap is enable;

◆24x GPIO, 8x IN, 16x OUT, input/output level 5V, low level output drive capability adjustable;

Please download the attached datasheet for detailed specifications or visit website http://www.norco-group.com/ http://www.norco-group.com

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