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Problem with IEGD and PAL/NTSC timings (interlaced modes)


Hi all,

Sorry for my bad english, I come from Germany.

Currently I am working on a car pc. For the monitor I need standard PAL or NTSC timing on VGA port. The board is a MSI IM-GM45, new installed Windows XP SP3.


For example, I use:


modeline "768x576@25i" 14.77 768 784 848 944 576 581 586 626 -hsync -vsync interlace

modeline "mailto:640x480@30i 640x480@30i" 12.37 640 656 720 784 480 489 495 526 -hsync -vsync interlace

I can see this timings in the vga settings but if I switch to this timing I have no output on VGA port (measured with an oscilloscope). The attachment is my generated inf file.

I hope someone can help me.


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Not sure that is specifically an IEGD issue. We support using VGA for component, composite, or the such on SDVO VGA parts that support it like the CH7022. I am not sure if the onboard VGA capability on the GM45 can support that sort of thing. If you just need VGA out at lower resolution, the VGA port should be able to support resolutions down to VGA 640 x 480 but you need to be sure your settings are not trying to run the dot clock lower than the hardware supports.

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